how to submit your work

We appreciate your interest in submitting to Sidewalk Festival. Please read ALL of the information provided before submitting your work.

What is your source? How does it determine your future? What elements of source determine or influence future outcomes? To what extend is the future determined by the past?

2018 theme

Each year artists are invited to explore a common theme. This year’s theme is SOURCE ↔ FUTURE. Artists are invited to explore concepts related to the sources in our world that determine our future: how the two interact, flow and engage in an interplay of positives and negatives.

question you might consider

  • These questions can be explored in a multitude of ways and need not be a literal interpretation.
  • You may explore this topic as it relates to you personally, your community, the environment, societal systems and any number of other topics.

The space

We rarely use traditional stages. Most performances take place in one of 6 amazing spots in and around Artist Village. View the locations by clicking through the images on the right. Use the blue arrows in the left corner.
If your work is selected you will be asked to do a site-visit with us. We value the environment we are working in and seek to present artists who wish to dive deep with community and spatial interactions.

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Important notes

  • We present unique ideas that are responsive to the locations listed above. Works can be crafted specifically for the sight or adapted for the site.
  • We favor participatory work and artists that wish to interact with people on the ground level.
  • We consider Sidewalk Festival a playground for experimentation. Presented works can be “in-progress” or complete.
  • In 2018 we will accept about 30-40 projects.
  • We provide modest project support for 20-30 projects to seed experimentation and new ideas.