Community Leaders

Are you invested in Eliza howell Park?

care about your community?

want to connect with nature?

appreciate art?

Apply to become a community leader! The SideTrails Artist Residency Program is looking for Community Leaders to work side-by-side with artists to create unique artwork and programs in Eliza Howell Park that serve the community.

SideTrails Community Leaders…

  • attend one meeting each month
  • work as a team
  • consult for artists
  • are paid a stipend for their service


SideTrails Community Leaders are the backbone of the SideTrails Artist Residency Program. They will be actively engaged throughout the year to cooperatively create a program that will enhance the natural beauty of the park for the community to enjoy and engage in. They will do this in partnership with the SideTrails Program Manager and participating artists. Community Leaders will serve as advocates for Eliza Howell Park and will consult with artists as representatives of the community most directly impacted by the park.

All SideTrails Community Leaders will attend monthly 1.5-hour SideTrails Community Meetings to report on and discuss active projects, provide/take community feedback, discuss future projects, and review project & event schedules. Additionally, each leader will be assigned to partner with an artist to co-create one project during one month out of the year. During this month-long project, they will work with the artist to create a project that serves the community’s interests and needs. Duties during this month may include weekly meetings with the artist, consulting, collaborative project planning, hands-on project creation, and community participant recruitment. These duties will vary based on the project at hand, but requirements will not exceed 9 hours/week.

SideTrails Community Leaders are invested in Eliza Howell park and care about serving their community. They see Eliza Howell Park as a beautiful neighborhood resource they wish to protect and engage in. SideTrails Community Leaders work well as team members and can finish tasks on schedule. They must be willing to commit to 10 months of engagement with the program, starting in February 2017 and ending in November 2017. During that time, they will attend monthly 1.5-hour SideTrails Community Meetings. Additionally, they will commit to a month-long partnership with an artist and are comfortable taking a leadership role in a project.

SideTrails Community Leaders will be paid $50/month at each meeting for their ongoing support and engagement. This will amount to a total stipend of $500 for 10 months of engagement.

The 2017 application period for Community Leaders is now closed.