Announcing the SideTrails Community Leaders Program!

sidetrails community leaders

About the SideTrails Artist Residency Program:
With over 200 acres of largely untouched land, the SideTrails Artist Residency Program will pair artists with residents to create nature-based art and performance programming for Brightmoor’s Eliza Howell Park. Based on community feedback, we are placing a high value on art that serves existing needs in the park for basic amenities (signage, seating etc), as well as performing arts classes (African dance, theater, storytelling) and performances. The program pairs artists with residents to design and implement a series of creative park improvement projects, classes, performances and workshops throughout the year.


community leaders

We are looking for Community Leaders to work side-by-side with artists to create unique artwork and programs in Eliza Howell Park that serve the community.


  • Attend monthly meetings
  • work with the Sidewalk Team
  • work with artists + community